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Our Approach

Through our decades of experience in Asia, our approach recognizes this region is subjected to periodic financial turmoil and political disturbances. Partnering with exceptional local management teams and individuals, we help guide investments into strong capital structure positions and investment underwritings that are stress tested against economic storms. At the heart of our success is the performance of our portfolio assets and investments above our initial plans and budget forecasts. We acquire assets based on a unique set of operating and strategic assumptions and seek to improve performance through active management.

Key Differentiators of Our Approach:

  • Valparaiso aims to close on average no more than 1 new acquisition transaction per year. This focus of attention is unique.

  • We focus on larger sized transaction between US$100 to $500 million.

  • Direct involvement by partners of Valparaiso through the entire investment cycle

  • Partners personally invested a significant cash amount in each transaction.

  • In-house capabilities that are focused on a limited number of assets

  • Full integration among Financial Control, Compliance, Asset Managers and Investment Professionals

  • Work experience and networks across specific countries, cultures and cities.

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