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Unlocking Value in Uncommon Opportunities

Committed Private Equity Capital

Valparaiso is a principal equity investor focused on private transactions in Asia with gross value of greater than US$100 million. We deliver to our co-investors and equity partners unique direct investments in operating businesses with the security of underlying real assets. We create value through better operational performance, disciplined management, asset enhancement, and a clearly defined business strategy and exit.


Valparaiso specializes in and provides institutional investors asset specific investment participation on a “club deal” consortium basis, where investors benefit from entry/exit voting privileges, budget veto rights, and Board level representation for major decisions.


Valparaiso invests cash equity capital in each project and acts as the sponsor for each project on a standalone non-discretionary basis.

Proprietary Sourcing Pipeline

The sourcing of transactions is directly from banks, financial institutions, families, government agencies, and other exclusive sellers and counterparties, which we have developed through our local market relationships during the last three decades in Asia.

Risk Managed Investing

In Asia, investors face relatively higher risks. These risks often stem from currency volatility, lack of transparency, illiquidity, counterparty performance risk, local tax regulations, rapidly adjusting monetary policies, and regulatory complexities. We aim to address these risks in our transactions and to deliver high-quality asset participation with a better risk/reward profile.

By overlaying our macroeconomic view on interest rates and monetary cycles, we prioritize our country selections and seek upside with country-specific asset, cap rate, and revenue growth strategies.

We are not financiers nor fund managers. Rather Valparaiso seeks direct acquisition and management of undervalued businesses with real assets where we can create uncommon returns for our investors with end-to-end integrated investment delivery. As such, our operational teams, design, engineering, marketing, and financial control capabilities are all internally managed for each project.

Our underwriting standards are based on end-to-end net IRR hurdles, which are after taxes, management fees, debt and foreign exchange hedging costs. Our corporate governance tightly manages risk throughout the investment term, including adherence to the standards of U.S. FCPA, FACTA, U.S. Internal Revenue, and other regulatory requirements of local government authorities.

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